Purchase Policies

Payment of Fees and Services

The brainyboxco Site is an online platform allowing the purchase of items by the end user. Membership on the Site is free. 

brainyboxco.com does not charge any fee for browsing and buying listed items on the Site. 

brainyboxco.com may choose to temporarily change the fees for our services for promotional events (for example, free shipping days) or new services, and such temporary changes are effective in accordance with their terms when we post them on the Site. 

Unless otherwise stated, all fees shall be quoted in your country’s currency. 

For each Product you order on the Site, you agree to pay the price applicable for the Product as of the time you submitted your order (“Product Price”), the delivery fees (“Delivery Fees”), and any applicable Taxes (if applicable).

Orders and payment are solely through our website online store. There are no purchases by telephone, or payment in cash. 

Payment is made in Qatari Riyals only 

Online payments are made through our payment gateway partner Noqoody. Brainyboxco.com is not liable for any fraud or loss caused through transactions using the Noqoody payment gateway. We have put all reasonable safety protocols in place for a safe shopping experience. 


Delivery only in Qatar from our Qatar online store. Delivery is organized and handled bythe Brainybox team and chosen third party suppliers.

All delivery dates cited on the brainyboxco.com website and in our communication are estimated delivery dates and timings. 

Shipping Limitations

When an order is placed, it will be shipped to an address designated by the purchaser as long as that shipping address is compliant with the shipping restrictions contained on the Sites. All purchases from the Sites are made pursuant to a shipment contract. 


  • (i) By using this service, the customer hereby acknowledges and agrees to all its terms & conditions. The customer shall use this service in accordance with the rules, terms and conditions approved by Brainyboxco.
  • (ii) The customer may not reject any of the terms and conditions of this service.
  • (iii) The customer by using this service authorizes Brainyboxco and the Service Provider to deliver his purchased items to the address specified by the customer.
  • (iv) Brainyboxco shall send a copy of the purchase invoice to the customer’s e-mail including the price of the product, delivery charges, the total amount.
  • (v) Delivery Agent shall deliver all purchased items, whose delivery charges are paid; only on working days.
  • (vi) Delivery Agent shall be responsible for all customers’ purchased items starting from the receipt of the items from the merchant till the delivery of the same to the recipient. In case the purchased items are lost, Delivery Agent shall compensate the customer as per the Universal Postal Convention.
  • (vii) The customer shall bear any damages, penalties, or violations resulting from improper use of this service. The key violations include not typing his personal address and telephone number in the relevant fields clearly (or the address, phone and ID of the person who is authorized to receive the items on his behalf), or in case the customer or his representative did not show up which might result in return the items to Brainyboxco
  • (viii) Brainyboxco shall have the right to stop or cancel the delivery service at any time without any justifications. The Brainyboxco shall also have the right to stop provision of any service to any customer who proved to use the service in violation of the terms and conditions of this agreement.
  • (ix) Brainyboxco, at its own discretion, shall have the right to amend the service charges and the mode of payment.
  • (x) Brainyboxco shall not bear any delay resulting from the failure to deliver the purchased items to the customer due to the customer’s failure to register the required information or to follow the proper instructions to obtain the service. The customer should immediately contact Brainyboxco for help.
  •  (xi) The customer or his representative shall sign the receipt confirming the delivery of the items from Brainyboxco to the authorized person according to the schedule mentioned and stated in the above clauses.

Cost of delivery 

Cost of delivery is chargeable to your order when purchasing our products. All delivery charges are paid online with the product price. There are no options for product pickup, all orders without exception are delivered by our team to your door. 

Delivery charges for individual orders differ by zone within Qatar.

Only for purchase of BRAINYBOX SELECT items exceeding QAR 400 in single order, the delivery inside Doha is free of charge.

Above fees are subject to change in case of change in conditions outside of our control. 

Extra delivery fees will never be charged by Brainyboxco after your order has been confirmed and paid, nor will you be charged on delivery. All relating costs are settled when completing your online purchase. Additional delivery costs may apply for returns, claims, please read the relevant section.

Delivery timings for Subscription boxes

In the Subscription Boxes order you have the choice of Thursday or Sunday delivery. Once delivery dates are set these do not change.  You can set timing preference within the day: a./ Morning 8-12pm, or b./ Afternoon 12-6pm. The above days & timings are preferences, and are not guaranteed by Brainyboxco delivery. Purchase option of Subscription boxes closes 2 days before the delivery date.

Delivery timings of Single product boxes

In the single items/ Select items/ Challenge boxes order the system will show you the next available delivery time estimate. 

  • Orders with payment processed by 11pm Thursdays are delivered on Sunday
  • Orders with payment processed by 11pm Sunday are delivered on Thursday 

You can also set timing preference within the day for delivery: a./ Morning 8-12pm, or b./ Afternoon 12-6pm. The above timings are preferences, and are not guaranteed by Brainyboxco delivery.

Delivery Process

Any delivery dates provided by Company are estimates.  Company reserves the right to make deliveries in instalments.  

Brainyboxco drivers will call you latest 1 hour before delivery to confirm upcoming delivery. No changes to address or location, timing can be made at this point. If no reply to phone call, the delivery will not be made. 

On arrival; the box needs to be taken and signed off by the client (when delivery to Door as set in your preferences), or by the reception (when delivery to Reception was set in your preferences). Brainyboxco will not hand over boxes without a signature from the recipient/ or reception. Please make sure you arrange with your family members or house/ reception staff for this. 

  • unsuccessful delivery attempt #1

In the case of no reply to preliminary phone calls or no sign off, the delivery will be deemed Unsuccessful Delivery #1, and will be scheduled for the next delivery date (all deliveries are on Sundays and Thursdays). You will receive an email regarding this. The process of Delivery Attempt #2 will be the same as for the 1stdelivery.

  • unsuccessful delivery attempt #2

In the case of Unsuccessful Delivery (on attempt #2), Brainybox will no longer provide home delivery for this order. Delivery charges are non-refundable in the case of unsuccessful deliveries

  • Box pickup from brainyboxco.com center

Your order can be picked up from the Brainyboxco office at a specific time and signed off. Brainyboxco will advise of the location & timing in an email. There are no other opening timings, date or location options outside of these options. This applies for both paid delivery and free delivery as well.

Change of delivery address, or preferred timing of day 

By logging into your account, you may review your order and delivery information on your Account at any time. You have the option to change the delivery address of your upcoming orders, this includes subscription orders. 

Change of delivery address can be made up to 72 hours before the delivery after this time the scheduled delivery will be the previous address.

Delivery of Bulk orders

In the case of bulk orders the delivery fee estimate will be included in the bulk order offer, as well as the delivery process. 


Only items purchased through brainyboxco.com can be returned to brainyboxco.com along with the original receipt of payment, invoice, photo and video of product.

  1. In case of cancellation initiated by brainyboxco.com for full order or partial order and if you placed the order with an online payment method such as credit card and Debit card the same amount will be refunded to the same payment method. It is important to note that it can take up to 30 days for the money to be returned from the date the credit is refunded to your payment method depending on the bank used. Brainyboxco.comis not responsible for bank fee or charges if any during this refund transaction. 
  • In case of cancellation requested by customer up to 48 hours before delivery and if you placed the order with an online payment method such as credit card and Debit card the same amount will be issued in form of gift voucher code which needs to be redeemed from brainyboxco.com. It is important to note that the validity of the voucher will be 90 days from date of issue. Orders already sent out cannot be cancelled. Brainyboxco.comis not responsible for bank fee or charges for the voucher. 
  • In case of returns after delivery of the products and if you placed the order with an online payment method such as credit card and Debit card then returns pickup charges will be charged and the balance return order amount will be issued in mode of gift voucher code which needs to be redeemed from brainyboxco.com. It is important to note that the validity of the voucher will be 90 days from date of issue. The shipping fees paid in your original order will not be refunded.

Email care@brainyboxco.com with your request to return with the request ‘Return request’ along with the scan of the original invoice, photos of the original, unopened product and video. We will reply within 2 working days to arrange for the pickup by our team at a fee of QAR 30 (inside Doha) which will be paid upfront online. 

Once your return is received and inspected, we will send you an email to notify you that we have received the item. We will also notify you of the approval or rejection of your refund. Refund will be made in the form of an online credit voucher code that is valid for 90 days. 

Brainyboxco.com doesn’t accept returns if the product you desire to return was used, damaged, their original packaging was damaged or opened. Additionally, brainyboxco.comdoes not accept refund or returns for items that are assembled / installed. Returns for inspection need to include the product in original packaging (with Brainyboxco branding), and the invoice. 

The process to process your request can take up 15 working days, this can be affected by the information provided by the customer. If you do not see any communication from us, please check your SPAM/JUNK mail.

Price differences related to future or past prices in our store or any other store’s prices are not refundable. Delivery charges are non-refundable.


Defective/Damaged Products Only

Damaged / Defective products may only be exchanged within 7 days of purchase. 

In order to process your claim, we will need your order number, description of claim, date of purchase of your product, photo and video of product and damage/fault;  and any other information about your use of the product that may help us understand the potential defect.

The process to evaluate your claim can take up 10 working days, this can be affected by the information provided by the customer. Following email evaluation we might ask you to return the product, our delivery team will pick this up from you at no charge. 

In the event that a product is determined to be defective due to a manufacturer error or defective materials, we will repair or exchange the product as needed.

If the brainyboxco.com team determines that repair or replacement of a defective product or damaged product is not practical or not possible ( due to no identical product being available), we will provide a refund in the form of a credit voucher that is valid for 30 days with brainyboxco.com

If you do not see any communication from us, please check your SPAM/JUNK mail.


  1. Our products are safe and durable. Every item in our website is meets or exceeds all required safety regulations and in compliance with international testing standards like EN71. 
  2. Our warranty policy covers structural/mechanical defects, i.e., if a product no longer performs its intended function after normal use. 


These products are intended for single-use, therefore are not designed to be reassembled, or reused multiple times. Damages or faults from disassembling, or assembling multiple times are not covered by this warranty. 

The particular technical specifications and settings of your computer or device and its display could affect the accuracy of its display of the colors of products offered on the Site.

  1. The warranty excludes damage due to misuse or mishandling. We accept no responsibility for user initiated damage and/or loss of parts incurred during operation or use of product. Ageing through normal use or mishandling is not covered. 

a./ Not to be used in sustained direct sunlight, or around water.

b./ Store in a dry, well ventilated place.

c./ Do not force parts.

4. All products purchased from brainyboxco.com can be  returned within 72 hours from the date of the delivery as per the below points:

a,/ If the product delivered does not match the product mentioned on brainyboxco.com

b./ If the product delivered is defected or damaged

c./The product is not in its original condition or does not include all the mentioned accessories or if it was not delivered in its new or good condition

If you believe you have a damaged /defective product, please contact us at care@brainyboxco.comas per the above requirements.

Replacement parts

Are not covered by warranty. Unfortunately, we’re not able to stock each and every piece of our products for replacement. Because of the way many of our products are made some of the parts and pieces are not interchangeable from one product to another. If you have lost or broken a piece, please email care@brainyboxco.comand we’ll do our best to find a solution.