Corporate Brainbox

Why is Experiential Learning powerful?

Bored of the usual team building challenges?

Brainyboxco challenges your Team with Thought Provoking STEM Projects

A HANDS-ON learning approach that encourages REFLECTION.

  • Participants are encouraged to work out things for themselves, there are no pre-determined lessons
  • No right ways or perfect behaviour in this approach
  • Through the process they develop a way of learning that is suitable for them as individuals
  • By identifying their own learning points, participant naturally buy-in and commit to improve
  • Development of strategies for improvement; making links to workplace performance.

What you get

  • UK trained Brainyboxco Facilitators and Consultants
  • Half day in-house programs
  • Brainbox program delivered through MTA methodology
  • MTA training methodology is also used by the UK Military, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Toyota and more

  • Our method and materials deliver behavioural change, improve team and leadership performance and deliver proven ROI on training.