BrainyBox for 6-8 years

Boxes for younger Brainybox ninjas

Each box comes with colourful easy to follow instructions, our activities have been designed and chosen specifically to develop motor skills and STEAM awareness. Safe, Fun with real world application of knowledge learnt.

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– 3 activities/experiments in 1 box, all supplies included!
– Biweekly delivery, choose Sundays or Thursdays
– 2+ hours of activity in a box
– Hero box each week
– Easy to follow instruction comic with Brainybox Ninjis
– Electronics, chemistry, coding, physics, hydraulics projects & more

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Delivery timings:
Thursday delivery for orders received until Monday 11pm, on the same week
Sunday delivery for order received until the previous Friday 11pm

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Follow the Brainybox Ninji's to solve the challenges set by our in-house mad professors

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